About Us

Help man kind analyse and improve social media presence, and have fun doing it

socialblink was founded by a team of social media specialists, with a solid background in content management, data aggregation / analysis and social media marketing, combined with years of experience in software development. The team was brought together by one clear Vision -> make social media management and data analysis less complicated, more professional, more fun and much less time consuming.


Before socialblink, our main service was social media management (still supplied to this day). During the past years we have experienced the sisyphean task of collecting data from different social media platforms and analytics / insights interfaces one too many times (as have you we are guessing), in attempt to aggregate and present the data in a meaningful schematical manner, so we might learn a thing or two from this information. Be it for ourselves or for our customers, this is never an easy task, usually leading to frustration at best (not to say massive headache...), often resultng in miscalculations and mispresentation of the data.

Any social media manager / content manager / data analyst will tell you that aggregating social media insights data and creating Word / Excel / Google docs reports is very time consuming (and unrewarding). And since creating reports is usually not a media manager's main expertise (which is very undestandable), clients will usually have a hard time understanding these reports, which means... the big Q! (questions, many questions...) and more wasted time.

Well, once we realized that we are spending way too much time on data analysis and reporting, together with the fact that our social media clients were not too satisfied with our reports, we began searching for a service we can use to take the reporting burden off our shoulders. After trying dozens of services, we came to a conclusion that most of these services: 1. Did not produce the reports in the manner and setting that we wanted, and 2. Were much too complicated and unintuitive.


The day we realized the social media service we were looking for (for us and for our clients) hasn't been developed yet, was the day socialblink was born (dramatic music).