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SocialBlink The Easy Automated SM Reporting Service

The challenge

Gathering data and producing accurate social media reports is key to improving business results, but also an unrewarding sisyphean task!
Yeap... push that boulder up the hill and watch it roll back down... This is where we come in

Who is it for?

SocialBlink services are for anyone with a social presence, who wants a clear and simple picture of how each POST and AD are performing

We support

Facebook Business Pages
Instagram Business Accounts
More platforms coming soon...

SocialBlink simplifies the reporting process. Just connect your social media pages (once) and CLICK to get an AMAZINGLY INTUITIVE online social media report

1 | Connect
  More platforms coming soon...
2 | Click
SocialBlink Magic
We programmatically Fetch, Aggregate, Organize & Analyze your social media data for you and generate an extremely readable professional report
3 | Coffee time
Report Example
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Our reports service is for everyone! And especially suited for  Freelancers  Digital Agencies  dedicated to managing end-client social presence, always looking to improve results and are serious about customer transparency

1 Click reports sounds good! Let's start
Do something fun

1-Click professional reports means more free time for you! So you can do something fun...

Another cup of coffee
An afternoon nap
Yoga class
Another episode on Netflix
A morning surf at the beach
Or just do whatever you desire...

Make them smile

Your customers will smile when you start using our easy to read, professional social media reports!

Easy to read and understand
Account Level data summary
Post Level insights
Ad Level and Leads data *Depends on service level
Eliminates human error
Super Fast (No more waiting clients with a temper)

Very Simple...

"I really liked how simple it was to sign up and start generating amazing reports for my clients... Initially I was a bit skeptical after struggling with a previous oversofisticated reports service, but SocialBlink was literaly a 10 minute learning curve, from signup to first report..."


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Clear Reports...

"Before SocialBlink I would always get endless questions from my clients. They were trying to understand my reports. Now I just send them very clear and readable reports generated by SocialBlink, and no more questions... Turns out this alone is saving me over 3 work hours a month..."


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Big Timesaver...

"End of month used to be a big struggle for our social media managers. Gathering the numbers, from multiple Facebook and Instagram dashboards, feeding them carefully into a word template... Big headache, time wasted, frustrated employees. SocialBlink is a BIG time saver for us..."


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Today is a good day to enjoy work

Our core guidelines

Keep it simple

Make it quick

Focus on what's important

Value for money

Make it fun

Our experience shows others are doing a good job supplying extra sophisticated services that we are still trying to decipher...